Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lock Up Your Dryer Sheets!

During the course of becoming a licensed foster care family we had to do many different things in order to get licensed. Then, when you are getting your house licensed, we also had to do many things with the house.

I have no complaints about most of the required things we had to do. Well, I did complain, but not too loudly. I understand the background checks, interviews, and classes they make you take. Keeping our knives and sharps locked up high is not an issue. Making sure all medicine is locked up is a reasonable request. Putting all cleaning products in a locked cabinet or locked in the garage was really a pain, but was understandable.

But I draw the line at dryer sheets. I just can't begin to think this is necessary. Why was I told my dryer sheets had to be locked up? They have some chemicals apparently that are toxic if ingested. I know, what are the chances we take in a child who likes to eat dryer sheets for a bedtime snack? I think we are safe.

Play dough is not required to be locked up and babies and young children find it a real tempting tasty treat. I think we should be locking up the Play dough and they should let us leave the dryer sheets where they belong - on the dryer. But no one asked me. :-)


There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.
Jane Austen


Brooke said...

Hey mom! I thought I would come and leave you a comment! You are doing so good, you are such a good writer! And no, she didn't tell me to say that.
Love you!

jennifer said...

I agree, you are a great writer. Maybe I am bias. Don't tell the case worker that.. ha ha..Cute photo of Brooke.. I think I remember the dryer sheet story. Yum.. Must go get my snack.. xoxo Love you..

Susan said...

I thank you both for visiting and reading my blog. Until someone else finds me, I am counting on Brooke, Brianna, and Aunt Jennifer to keep me going! Susan