Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Do They Call it Urgent Care?

Two things about my last post:

Drake and Josh are definitely funnier when it is not a holiday. Brooke and I have started to watch the movie and I fell asleep. :-) Well, I can't blame it all on Drake and Josh; I have only had about 8 hours of sleep the last few days - combined!

Baby J got even sicker. Saturday I could not keep his fever down so the rest of the family went to celebrate my father-in-law's 85th birthday, and Baby J and I stayed home. (shucks . . .)

I had plans. While Baby J slept I was going to clean. He didn't sleep, nor did I clean. After a 103.8 reading 2 hours after Tylenol, I decided to hit the Urgent Care. By the time they saw Baby J his fever was 105! Then the nurses could understand why he was screaming so obnoxiously in the waiting room for the past hour! I wanted to go let the other people know why he was being so loud and annoying, but I really didn't care what they thought at this point.

So, they gave him a big dose of Tylenol and made us go wait another half hour in the waiting room. Then they call your name, but alas, it is a trick! They call just to put you in a room to wait again.

So, after all was said and done, Baby J's fever dropped to an acceptable 101.9 and he was diagnosed with a double ear infection. I have always been a little suspect that some doctors find an ear infection for a child who seems really sick, but just has a cold. But I saw the ears - they weren't pretty. Not sure what they should look like in there, but what I saw wasn't it.

Baby J is still really sick, and I need to hit the hay. He should be waking up very soon. :-)

~Susan, who will sleep next year.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh!

According to Hollywood, a foster home is a horrible place, where you will likely be abused by your horrible foster parents. The teen always is running away from an abusive foster home, the girl is being abused by the foster family's teenage son, and the rest of the children are found starving in the foster family's hall closet. . .

How refreshing it is to see a show portray a foster family in a positive light! Now I realize you may not normally watch "Drake and Josh," the hit Nickelodeon show. You actually should sometime; it's quite funny.

Well, I admit I haven't watched the whole movie yet - I have been trying to get things done while baby J is sleeping for a bit. (he is really sick and I don't expect him to stay asleep for long) I did wander by the tv a few times though and caught the fact that this holiday movie has a foster family and a little girl in foster care as a main part of the story.

My daughter taped it so I will watch it soon. I am sure you will be able to catch the rerun on Nick and if you don't get cable, get a friend to tape if for you. It is called, Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. A sweet, silly family movie that has a positive foster family portrayal is something to be happy about.

~Susan, dropping by after a terribly long blogging dry spell.

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whose shade they know they will never sit in.
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