Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adoption! Our Story

Well, to those few who may still follow me after my long hiatus, I definitely want to update you on the latest:

I recently signed adoptions papers! Jaden no longer needs to be "J" - is officially an adoption placement now! It won't be final for about 3 months, but that is nothing compared to the last 2 years!

For those of you wanting to adopt your foster kids, I just wanted to encourage you that it does happen. And not always when you think it will. If I look back over all the children I have fostered (and tried to adopt or wanted to) Jaden would have been the last one I would have ever thought would stay with me!

Jaden came to us at 5 months old, visually impaired was all we knew at the time. Not because anyone mentioned this, but because when he opened his eyes it was obvious. He had both bio parents, two sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles on both sides. I knew he was going. I warned everyone NOT to get attached. Like usual, no one listened to me.

I actually need to go. Sorry. Forgot about Good Friday Service! I will continue the saga later.