Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Do They Call it Urgent Care?

Two things about my last post:

Drake and Josh are definitely funnier when it is not a holiday. Brooke and I have started to watch the movie and I fell asleep. :-) Well, I can't blame it all on Drake and Josh; I have only had about 8 hours of sleep the last few days - combined!

Baby J got even sicker. Saturday I could not keep his fever down so the rest of the family went to celebrate my father-in-law's 85th birthday, and Baby J and I stayed home. (shucks . . .)

I had plans. While Baby J slept I was going to clean. He didn't sleep, nor did I clean. After a 103.8 reading 2 hours after Tylenol, I decided to hit the Urgent Care. By the time they saw Baby J his fever was 105! Then the nurses could understand why he was screaming so obnoxiously in the waiting room for the past hour! I wanted to go let the other people know why he was being so loud and annoying, but I really didn't care what they thought at this point.

So, they gave him a big dose of Tylenol and made us go wait another half hour in the waiting room. Then they call your name, but alas, it is a trick! They call just to put you in a room to wait again.

So, after all was said and done, Baby J's fever dropped to an acceptable 101.9 and he was diagnosed with a double ear infection. I have always been a little suspect that some doctors find an ear infection for a child who seems really sick, but just has a cold. But I saw the ears - they weren't pretty. Not sure what they should look like in there, but what I saw wasn't it.

Baby J is still really sick, and I need to hit the hay. He should be waking up very soon. :-)

~Susan, who will sleep next year.

A morning without coffee is like sleep.


traceylynndel said...

Sorry to hear you had to visit urgent care. I hope he is feeling better soon.


Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry about your little sickie.. xoxo. I will pray you all stay well and he is 100% by now. Love you friend.

Handprint_On_The_Window said...

i am adopted, and my parents used to foster.