Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cat vs. Toy Poodle. . .

and the cat won.

I sit here past 1:00 am, not horribly unusual for me, but there was a reason tonight. I was waiting up for the animal hospital to call about our toy poodle Chessie. She had to have surgery tonight.

Sunday morning before Neil and Brandon left for church, Neil let the dog out to chase a cat. He thinks this is great fun to watch. Sadly, this cat didn't like it and turned on Chessie. She caught the back of her leg and tore it deeply, putting a tear in her tendon. We couldn't even tell how bad it was at first, but decided to take her to the vet.

Just like children, did the dog have to get hurt on a Sunday?! Am I right? I call and find out there is a vet hospital open on Sunday, but they are so backed up they are only taking life and death situations. Today when she is seen she already had a fever of 103.4. Thinking that was terribly high, I googled it and the normal dog temp is 101-102. Still, it was elevated. They said infection sets in the tendon.

10 minutes later I was signing the estimate for surgery. I was guessing About $400.00, but I was wrong. It is closer to $800.00! But you can't put a price on a family member. . .

Brandon was with me. (Brooke is really sick with a horrible head cold and Brianna was staying with her for support and healing from getting beamed with a softball at PE today - ouch!)

Brandon and I are a little sarcastic together. Probably not a great thing for Christians, but it is from my Jewish side of the family, LOL! We started joking about the price of the surgery and what a doctor would say if you refused - creatively. Imagine the following conversation. . .

$800.00?! Put her down! I can buy two new poodles for that price!. . . ;-) Hey, laughter helps and we thought this was funny. We can redeem ourselves though.

$800.00 for a dogs 15 minute surgery - crazy.

The tech calling and adding almost $40.00 for pulling two bad teeth - adding insult to injury.

Having Chessie healed and home with us - priceless. . .

Okay, we stole it from a credit card commercial, but how do you think I paid for the surgery?


Happiness is a warm puppy.
~Charles M. Schulz


traceylynndel said...

It's no wonder we get along so well Susan. That was too funny.