Monday, February 25, 2008

I'll Race you to the Potty!

Potty training has begun full force at our house - and like everything, we have to do it the hard way. We have not one, but two little tushes vying for the royal seat. Sometimes it can be quite cute. One of the girls will yell "potty!" and start running, and the other one will try to cut her off at the pass. I have even watched as one tried to rip the other off the seat!

Even though they fight to go first, they still like to praise each other for a job well done. Things can get a little hectic trying to keep the M&M jar filled, but it has helped to keep the interest up. And they both pronounce M&Ms the same way - "num nahs."

Will the competition help them to learn quicker, or ultimately will it prolong the process? Only time will tell.

I will tell you my proudest moment came yesterday and I could tell that the youngest was really getting how important praise is for everyone - now matter how old.

I walked in the pool room (our room with a pool table) and said I'd be out in a minute and walked in the bathroom. As I walked out the door and shut it, D looked up at me and started clapping wildly and yelling "yeah!!!"

It was my first standing ovation and I will always remember it.


Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.
Ecclesiastes 4:9


Kasey said...

Love this so much.. Really, really praying for tomorrow.. Love you.. Jennifer