Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy with new baby. . .

I almost gave up blogging, but my dear friend Jennifer convinced me to give this another try, so here I am.

We have a new little one, who ain't so little ;-) We were hoping and praying for an infant, but when the phone rings it it hard to say no to someone who needs you, even if you think you need someone else.

Our foster agency called about a two year old little girl on Friday night. I have an almost two year old now, so in hindsight, this seems a little crazy. Wow, are we busy. But many hands make light work.

The baby? Well, she is so big there will be no sharing of clothes between the girls. She is tall and big, but still has a baby face and baby chub. We were told M is half black and half white. She really is 100% adorable. One parent, probably mom, is blond. M has got quite a head of dark blond curls. I complain about my frizzy hair, but no more. This is a whole new ball game! Jennifer has experience with black hair from her two little boys so we called her for help. My bottle of frizz eaze just isn't cutting it.

M came to us with the clothes on her back and socks on her feet. Right away she was happy to go with us, but has started to ask for some relatives such as grandma and daddy. We are sad for her. She must be so scared, but she hides it well, blessing us with more smiles as the days go on.

Her mom has court on Wednesday so I will find out then what is happening. We are thinking that there may be a relative who comes forward to take her. M was well taken care of (clean and well fed) so we think someone out there loves this baby. If there is a relative, we know M may go, but she will not be as scared.

We don't want her to go, but a loving grandma may be missing her so we are trying to be prepared. She is so big, with a huge head of blond frizz and tons of dimples when you can coax her binky out of her mouth long enough. We can't look at her and not smile - really.

We didn't really want a two year old now, but we took M because we thought she needed us. I think we really needed her if you want to know the truth. M may be here for a week, a year, or forever. We don't know. But we will always be grateful we said yes when the phone rang. We just didn't know what God had in store.


When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart.
~ Author Unknown


Kasey said...

I am honored to have encouraged your to share your gift of writing. Thank you for this post. THank you for loving M. And thank you for being my dear friend. You are beautiful..

Anonymous said...

I have wondered what was going on in your life, dear friend, since we haven't kept up on our "project." Now I know! I admire your strength and courage. May you continue to show God's love to needy little ones and walk out His plans in perfect peace.
Love you,

Susan said...

Erin! How did you find me? Did you get my email? Thank you for being a friend who is an encouragement, and reminding me that when I have a day like today, to rely on God and His plans and strength - cause my plans are bad and my strength is gone. :-)

Miss you and love you,

P.S. I had an idea. . .